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        Past Webinar

        Managing Compensation Cycles in a Downturn

        April 12, 2023 | 12:00 PM PST

        About this webinar

        The tech sector is experiencing a major shift due to market volatility, inflation, widespread layoffs, and a shifting talent market. More than 102,000 workers in U.S.-based tech companies have been laid off so far in 2023. Despite these challenges, companies must focus on retaining existing employees in order to survive and manage costs effectively.  Join us for a webinar roundtable as we discuss “Managing Compensation Cycles in a Downturn.” Our conversation will feature thoughts from Chad Atwell, Owner and Principal Compensation Advisor at People-Centered Pay, LLC in conversation with our Co-Founder and Co-CEO Lisa Wallace.


        You’ll learn about:

        • How salaries are changing in response to inflation
        • Planning for a merit cycle in a downturn
        • Changes in stock-based compensation due to dips in stock price
        • Communicating with employees

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        Our Speakers


        Chad Atwell

        People-Centered Pay, LLC
        Owner and Principal Compensation Advisor
        Chad Atwell has over 25 years of experience in the field of Total Rewards as a practitioner, consultant and technologist. As the owner and Principal Compensation Advisor at People-Centered Pay, LLC, he helps clients, mostly small-to-mid-sized companies in the tech industry, design and deliver sustainable reward strategies for their changing workforce.
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        Lisa Wallace

        Co-Founder & Co-CEO
        Lisa Wallace is a Co-Founder of Assemble. Most recently, Lisa served on the executive team of Abnormal Security where she was the first business leadership hire. Prior to Abnormal Security, Lisa was the first business hire at Expanse (acquired by Palo Alto Networks). Lisa holds a B.S.H. in Symbolic Systems from Stanford University.

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