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Extending a Thoughtful Offer

A thoughtful offer makes candidates feel desired, level sets their expectations, and gets everyone excited about adding newcomers to the team. Follow this playbook to ensure you are extending offers thoughtfully.


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Important Steps in the Candidate Selection Process:

  •    Have a strong understanding of the candidate's expectations
  •    Gather personal information about the candidate to address their concerns and signify their importance to your company (during the process and in their offer)
  •    Ensure your communication is consistent and timely
  •    Detail their overall compensation package and how your organization created it


The right offer can close more candidates for your company, increasing the level of your talent pool and shortening the time required of your recruiting teams to complete a search.

Download Assemble's Thoughtful Offer Playbook today. When combined with Illustrative Offers and guided by your organization's Compensation Philosophy, you'll have a winning combination for attracting and retaining top talent.

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